Ray Harris and Jianhui...Together...Amazing!

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

Happy New Year...hard to believe it is 2014!  It is always exciting to anticipate what a new year will bring.  To take stock on life and set goals and make plans. I love new beginnings!

Clad in is exciting in that it is always changing with the seasons with beautiful new styles and fabrics, always something to look forward to.

Of all of our many wonderful designers, there are two that I covet the most. Ray Harris and Jianhui, both London based creators of unique, extraordinary clothing and jewelry.

I recently acquired an amazing crinkle scarf from Ray Harris in khaki.  Not just any scarf, this piece is an extremely versatile work of art.  It is very generous in length and width and can be worn any number of ways. Fabulous as a shawl to a wedding or a night out on the town and equally as fabulous over black jeans or white for that matter.  The possibilities are endless.

I discovered that Jianhui London's Next Pashmina Wood in Bronze is a great match to my new scarf. This is a long necklace made of several strands of small wooden cubes all held together by a cool ribbon.  They can be worn together or individually in a myriad of ways. The feel of this wooden necklace against your skin is indescribable...so warm and comfortable.

Ray Harris and Jianhui London...together these pieces make a Wow statement!

Clad in...clothing and accessories that make you look good and feel great!

-Cindy MacNeill, Individual Style Consultant, Clad in Outlet