The Importance of Owning a Suzi Roher Scarf

Elizabeth Lawrence

Posted on December 23 2016

The Importance of Owning a Suzi Roher Scarf

I have quite a large collection of scarves. Some were chosen for their color or pattern or texture. Other scarves were chosen for warmth or for a special occasion. Sometimes it was a combination of these things. Other times it told me a story about it's maker or took me to a place in time when cloth was treasured and used and then re-purposed into another use-full item.

My scarves are an essential part of my wardrobe. No matter what I am wearing, a scarf will enhance my outfit. Once I searched for a long time for a scarf that I could wear even on the hottest day of the year. Not having much success, I commissioned a weaver to make scarves woven from linen for my store which at that time was in a very old antique house in the back country of Connecticut. They were lightweight with a very open weave. Another artist made a whisper of scarves from ribbons and threads. Soon I had a collection for my store, and for myself as well, of scarves that I could wear all summer long.

So, I thought I had seen every possible incarnation of scarf available and that I had every type of scarf I would ever need. I was wrong. From the moment I draped one of Suzi Roher's luscious scarves around my neck, I was hooked. The modal fabric settles onto the body in such a way that one forgets that they are even wearing a scarf....except for the hug that it provides on a cool day. I own no scarf more supple or comfortable to wear. And, I was irresistibly seduced by her sophisticated use of color which allows me to express my mood in a variety of ways with just one scarf. Folded one way, I make a subtle tonal addition to my outfit. Folded another way, I announce my entrance with a bold statement

Every scarf is a captivating picture that speaks differently to each individual. Unless you unwrap it from around your neck and open it wide, no one but you knows the beautiful secret inside. It's like the lockets that our mother's wore that carried within it a picture of their loved one. A gift known only to the wearer.

The best part, which I discovered while traveling, is that if you spill a wine reduction or chocolate mousse or ice cream on it, it can be washed out in the basin of the hotel bathroom, hung to dry over the shower rod and worn 15 minutes later. They dry that quickly. I even wash mine in the machine when I am not traveling. They are completely indestructible. No snagging or pilling. None.

My scarf collection will now grow like the leaves in a photo album....with the pictures that I choose which hold the most meaning for me.

Thanks, Suzi.

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