Attention to Detail is a Powerful Thing...

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It has been said, “It’s the little things that make the difference.”  This simple idea holds true with most things in life.  ­Attention to detail is a powerful thing.  Whether it is a look, a gesture, a word or an expression of an aesthetic...when properly placed, thoughtfulness resonates intrinsically in our collective mind and spirit.

This principle follows through in sound design as well.  A perfectly placed seam on a jacket or skirt, the finely tuned proportions of a simple dress speak to our unconscious selves with clarity and we somehow perceive the thing to be “just right”.

So it is with Elemente Clemente clothing designs.  Simplicity is not as simple as it appears, yet this company has succeeded in paying attention to the little things with impeccable results.  The Collection is timeless, sophisticated, comfortable and wearable.

-Leslie Grant, Store Manager, Clad in Providence




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