Fall Dressing: It's Complicated!

Modern Retail

Posted on December 24 2016

I think that early fall is probably one of the most difficult seasons for deciding what to wear.  We are starting to get the cool mornings and the light breezes, and even when the sun is shining brightly it just doesn’t feel the same as the summer warmth.  This is when I feel particularly lucky about having a number of “transitional” fabrics....for easing myself into the cool weather.  I have noticed (since I am always noticing these things) that many ladies  (including those with extensive wardrobes) just don’t have the right pieces for transitioning into fall (and for that matter transitioning into spring!).

The solution to the dilemma is all about color, fabric, and layering.  This is not to say that you have to closet your winter white, but the neutrals like Porto’s porcini, iron, petrol, slate, and prussian are great ways to move into the fall mode of dressing.  The styles are well suited for layering, and you know that if the day gets real warm your breathable microfiber will serve you well.  The same can be said of Elemente Clemente's great tech fabric which comes in black, beiges, and a wonderful steel blue.  And let’s not forget the amazing tanks from Spirithouse (under the EDW line) that we have been carrying in white, beige, black, and even poppy.  We have a brand new supply of a couple of styles of these sleeveless tunics in black..that can be worn sleeveless with a great lightweight cardigan or over a Babette or Porto mesh -- providing just the right amount of warmth and coverage. Mix beige or a color with the black tunic and you have accomplished the hardest part of the transition.

For bottoms... time to pull out your tech fabric Porto, Clemente, or Spirithouse pants and skirts. With an oversized Planet sweater (in a lighter color than the bottoms you are wearing) or the leather jacket that you have always loved... you are ready to face the fall.  Trade in the sandals for a pair of ballet flats... and before you know it... you will be wearing the great new low boots that have just arrived at Clad in shoes! Don’t forget the funky socks that will be peeping out from your booties.

-Jane Roderick, Individual Style Consultant and Clad in Personal Shopper