Harem Haute

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

These must be tried on to be appreciated (as is true of many of our avant garde designs).  What better way to celebrate the  snowstorm that didn’t arrive than dropping into Clad in Stonington and trying on some of the  items in our new Alembika collection.

While Ann Marie was not really looking for anything and really not needing anything, she is always game to give a try to something that catches her eye…or ours. The  Alembika Sultan Pants in two color schemes, khaki and a midnight blue, and she went for the khaki with its chic mix of khaki, black, and silky small-dotted fabric. It has a wide stretch waistband and is fitted (with easy give) at the top to make it comfortable and flattering.  It combines the drama of the harem with a simple, narrow drape that almost presents like a skirt.  The look is sophisticated and stylish not extreme or dramatic.  It’s always a boon when winter is coming to an end to find a transitional piece with some beiges and lighter coloring that also works well into spring and the warmer temperatures.

What to put on top? Ann Marie checked out two options in black by Alembika, although she agreed that were other Clad in tops already in her closet that would complement the outfit.  The appeal of these was the narrow sleeves, the attractive rounded, low neckline and having the choice of a “shorter” top or one that was longer (particularly longer in back, but covering all that needed to be covered in front).  The longer top won out….as it often does with many of us.  For shoes Ann Marie kept on her signature high, high heels; but we all realized that this outfit would also look terrific with a ballet flat or bootie.  Choosing a necklace was even more fun. I voted for the Jianhui London "Original Pashmina" necklace in bronze.  It afforded Ann Marie the choice of wearing it doubled for a shorter look or the option of wearing it long to present the outfit in a dressier way.

So what did we learn from this fun visit on a late Monday afternoon?

1)    You can be “not really looking” and “really not needing” anything and have a fun time dropping into one of our stores.

2)    The non-arrival of a snow storm is something to celebrate.

3)    Some of these new looks need to be tried on to be appreciated (in particular the sophisticated new harem styles!).

4)    Leave time for looking at our great new spring shoe styles!  Unfortunately we ran out of time on Monday afternoon.

-Jane Roderick, Personal Style Consultant, Clad in Stonington and Clad in Personal Shopper