How to Find Your Style When There is a Sale

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

6 Tips to get the most of a Designer Clothing Sale

  1. Get to the Sale Early
    1.  Sizes can run out quickly. Many shoppers who are new to designer labels may not understand that 
      most designers offer two collections a year, Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. When stores order from designers they have to do so about 6 months ahead of time, and there is usually, at most, only one re-order of sizes if that particular brand is selling well, and there are no re-orders once an item goes on sale. So a sale is not just a reduced price, but also an indication that reorders have stopped and your size won't be available again once all of them sell.
    2. But, 75% off is better than 25% off... right?
      Sometimes 25% off is a better time to buy than 75% off - if it's a style you really want, to get in your size before it runs out.
  2. Find a stylist
    1. Ask for help. Stylists are time savers. They can easily and quickly organize a selection for you, saving you hours of time surfing websites searching for styles and sizes.
    2. Stylists are knowledgeable. At Clad in we have over 160+ designers and it can be daunting learning all the styles from a single label let alone from all of the designers every season.
  3. Know your Sale. 75% off isn't always 75% off. 
    1. Be careful, final-sale means no returns.   Usually, stores will start attaching final sale markings to items 50% off or more, but each store is different, and even individual stores can vary by sale, so make sure you're certain of the fit, and to inspect the garment for any problems before you make any purchases. It's never rude to ask if an item can be returned before you buy, but definitely a faux-pas to return a final sale item.
    2. 75% off isn't always 75% off. It really does depend on where the sale is. There are some outlet stores that will artificially inflate prices on cheap goods then have large sales to make items look like a better deal. Essentially taking a $50 item, inflating the M.S.R.P. price to $200, then "taking off" 75% back pricing the item to its original $50. These cheap items will often be of lesser quality, may fall apart in 6 months, and may not be the better quality garment that could last for years. All Clad in selections consist of quality merchandise originally designed and manufactured for the full retail price.
  4. Discover New Brands and Styles
    1. Be brave. A sale is a great time to step out and try a new brand or style that you wouldn't normally consider.  You just may discover a new favorite style or designer!
  5. Know Thyself
    1. Set a budget and stick to it. If an item is under your budget feel free to buy guilt free. If it's over your budget then it's a great time to wait for the sale to get better, or shop for something in your price range. But never go over your budget as that will be the difference between getting the most out of a sale, and a sale getting the most out of you.
    2. Have Fun. Play dress up. Feel free. Often when things cost less it takes the burden off making a buying decision. Buying things when you don't need them also puts you in a great place to make decisions. It is much easier to say yes or no on a shoe or garment when feeling less pressure to buy. It's usually when we are at our most playful and having the most fun when we find the best deals.
  6. Avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy.
    1. Get rid of old stuff you have in your closet that you never wear. Often we won't take advantage of a sale because our closets are already full of clothes that we spent good money on, but don't want to get rid of because they were expensive, not because we love them. This is the sunk cost fallacy. To properly clean your closet take everything out. As you are putting your clothes back in their places ask yourself two questions 1) Does this bring me joy? and 2) Can I remember the last time I wore this? If the answer is no to either of these questions, get rid of it. Did you not wear it often and did it cost a lot of money? Good. That means you should be able to get a good price at a consignment shop which will give you some extra income to get something you actually love and will wear every day. If the consignment option is too much of a hassle, donating your clothes is also a good way to get that money back through write-offs on your taxes. Now, your closet will either be full of clothes you adore, or you will have room for more pieces. Got some extra room? Great, what are you waiting for? There's a sale on!