Larisa Martino Art Exhibition, Clad in Providence, Now through December 2

Elana Cladin

Posted on October 05 2018

Larisa Martino Art Exhibition, Clad in Providence, Now through December 2

 Artist Statement

 My art is my key to the secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.

         I create art to define my feelings and emotions, to express my inner views and sensuality.  The subjects of my paintings are usually women and abstracts. My muse is an imagination that relies on collected images and real observation.  I begin my creation by submerging myself in trance, clearing daily worries from my mind. With swooshing circular motions that render the curves of a woman, violin, fluid shapes, floral petal, a glass of wine, I follow with pen and brush the footprints of my daydreaming.

         My artistic influences include Gustav Klimt, vintage and modern fashion sketches, and Art Nouveau.  I rejoice in blending diverse textures, materials, and techniques, which result in mixed-media creations.  In my work, you will discover playful lines of ink, deliciously textured acrylics, peek-a-boo fabrics, and unexpected red wine stains.

          Red, my favorite color, represents passion, energy, and power.   Combining crimson with other hues, primarily, I paint with a jewel-toned palette:  sparkling rubies, mysterious amethysts, caressing amber along with stunning emeralds and seductive sapphires.  Some of my works whisper sensually and others shout with vibrancy and fun.

         Currently, I have been painting in a series that include "Girls Night Out", "Black Dress",  "Lace", “A Million Suns”, “Loop”, and “Bedtime Stories”.

        I evolve along with my art, welcoming new challenges as I explore new ideas and techniques.

        For more information , please visit my website: