Lovely Linen - An Effortless Summer Classic

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

Now that it is summer, I am back on the linen bandwagon.  Although the temperatures have been quite moderate so far, the dog days are yet to come and it is best to be prepared.

Think about it.  What do they call those chic, utilitarian items for which we have all built closets? Linens! We dine on them, sleep in them and on them... drape our windows with them. Why? Because linen is strong, practical, decorative and functional. The Egyptians valued linen so much that only  royalty were considered worthy of wearing it!

And what could be better than linen that looks like denim but offers the cool breezy comfort of my favorite fabric.  I can't imagine!   And that's why I have chosen the Eleven Stitch Gusset shirt, Stand Collar jacket, Doreen pant and Darted Angle pant as the new additions to my linen line-up. Easy care, comfortable. And the more they are washed and worn, the better they get.

Paired with a white tank, my outfit is ready to go boating or smart enough to go out to dinner by the ocean.

Or, I could just hop on a motorcycle and ride off into the sunset like royalty.

-Elizabeth Day Lawrence, Co-Owner and Buyer, Clad in