New American Designer with International Appeal...

Modern Retail

Posted on December 24 2016

We have several really interesting pieces from a new American designer which Clad in is featuring this season: Stella Carakasi. One of her sweaters just had to make it into my wardrobe. . . the 'Over Everything Cardigan' in a luscious color that will be perfect for fall.

So many things are right about this top:  the soft feel of the cotton blend fabric, the beautiful drape and fit. . . but the engineering of this garment really intrigues me.  You can wear it unbuttoned and open - button it partially from right to left, to show some of the  buttons - or button it up completely.   It has a different look when you button it from left to right - - - once again, just a few buttons or every single one. . . or try buttoning both sides at the same time. . . you get the idea!

There are lots of different and flattering ways to wear this cardigan .. .each giving a different look. To this thrifty New Englander, that equals a good value.

-Kate Romani, Individual Style Consultant, Clad in Mystic