Sally Drennon

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

Drennon Design – Giving New Life to Ancient Treasures


We are thrilled to introduce the wonderfully innovative and eclectic jewelry designs from California’s Sally Drennon, the creative force behind Drennon Design. Juxtaposing various antique talismans and amulets with strings of freshwater pearls, beads, and wooden links, Drennon creates stunning accessories for today’s bold, contemporary woman who isn’t afraid to take risks. With a long history as a renowned interior designer, Drennon has had plenty of experience with shopping for unique, antique pieces that draw your attention and spark conversation. It was during this time that her love of creating uncommon combinations of old and new began, which eventually lead her to jewelry design.

Completely self-taught, Drennon began pulling apart her own jewelry and started mixing and matching pieces with antiques she would find at flea markets and antique shows to create entirely new designs. When her friends would see her wearing them, they went crazy for the pieces and all wanted their own Drennon Designs. Now her full-time passion, Drennon strongly believes that accessories are key when dressing a woman, and we couldn’t agree more. Extremely attracted to tribal accents, amulets, symbols, earthy treasures, and pieces with history and meaning, Drennon is drawn to the idea that there is a life in each piece before she gives it a brand new one.

At Clad in, we celebrate the unique, modern woman with adventurous style who is constantly reinventing herself, and Drennon Design exemplifies this concept in a fabulously chic and tangible way.