Spending to Save...

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

It's that time of year again when many of us are longing for the spring arrivals to hit the racks.  For the most part, clothing budgets have been exhausted. But I don't even have to draw strongly on my SSRS's (shopping/spending rationalizing skills) to be convincing on why it makes sense to reexamine a number of the items on the Clad in sale racks that are more than worth their weight in savings.  Since many of our brands our seasonless (Spirithouse, Planet, the tech fabrics of Elemente Clemente... just to name a few), there is still an opportunity to find some important "staples" for your wardrobe at a minimum of 40% off (or even more at the Clad in Outlet).

Sale shopping requires a different point of view and vision and a different "scope".  Remember ....you are not necessarily searching for the perfect outfit or pieces that work with one another, but rather a basic, neutral, easy fit, easy care item.....it might be a top, a bottom, a layering tank, a short jacket.  These were the pieces that you might not have looked at earlier in the season because they were too basic and not "different" enough.

Here are some examples...and these are just from the inventory of our Stonington store (where I happen to be on this grey wet day).  So... doing a relaxed perusal with the kind of telescopic, sale-shopping vision described above....one encounters:

Anett Roestel stretch lace top (short lenth/long sleeve),  the stretch lace tunic (below the hip/A-shaped), and the incredibly versatile split front tunic (long sleeve, longer in back)

Black Label by Studio Rundholz balloon pocket pant (a stretch tech material that is quiet and comfortable)

Moyuru sweater dress (short asymmetric sleeves/cowl collar/long length, and BLACK) that goes over absolutely everything you might be wearing this winter

Beyond Threads A-line tunic in a light wool, or for those with wool allergies the wide, long-sleeve pullover in their wonderful  pima cotton from Peru

Spirithouse EDW line tunics including the screwdriver top, the market prose, sleeveless telescope, and trampoline vest.

Kedem Sasson black tops in interesting fabrics and shapes

Babette incredibly flattering dresses, skirts, and tops that would work for any "event" with the more dressy accessories and for the "every day" life aspiration to look and feel good.  These are perfect for a cruise (or any travel) taking up so little space and requiring such easy care.

 There is a good assortment of sizes available......you might very well find the piece that pulls a number of the ones you already have together.  The crowds are gone, time to cast an eye and figure out how to save......

-Jane Roderick, Individual Style Consultant, Clad in Stonington and Clad in Personal Shopper