Stella Carakasi Makes Me Feel Beautiful...

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

Today I am dressed in an outfit by Stella Carakasi and it makes me feel beautiful.  It is made up of a top in a modern abstract print of teal and mustard and burnt umber, an unusual choice for me, but the striking colors; the asymmetrical cut; the hidden, sewn in weights and thin, jersey-mesh lining make it feel divine. I am wearing with it the matching skit in brown jersey, with a lining of the same material. The skirt enables the wearer to pull up a portion of the hem and button it at different lengths... making it easy to transform the skirt into various styles and looks. The drape is always perfect thanks again to the sewn-in weights. As for shoes Sheridan Mia, has a beautiful boot in either black or brown. Currently at 40% off, they are a great buy. Choose the Prague in Black or the Palermo in Dark Tan, both are lovely!  Today I feel like I stepped out of the set of Downton Abby, elegant and well dressed, but artfully walking into this century.

-Lorie Sava, Store Manager, Clad in Shoes Stonington