Susan Hunter Petree Painting Exhibition at Clad in Providence (Reception Aug. 11, 3:30-5:30)

Elana Cladin

Posted on August 07 2018

Susan Hunt er Petree Exhibition at Clad in Providence (Reception Aug. 11, 3:30-5:30)


About the Artist
Susan Hunter Petree

Susan grew up in a Foreign Service family and spent her childhood moving between Virginia, Japan and Ethiopia.  She attended Emma Willard School, University of Pennsylvania and graduated from Stanford University with a degree in economics and Japanese studies.

Susan worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years, rising to the executive level at several large banks in Boston, Hartford and New York.  The only art in her life was visits to galleries and museums until on a spur of the moment trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011, she met an abstract artist and teacher who gave an abstract painting workshop.

Susan’s two passions are art and travel, and the paintings she creates are an effort to marry the two. She tries to express in an abstract way the feelings, colors, shapes, imagery, and cultures she has experienced.  She loves color and textures, most often created using oil and cold wax medium along with some found objects. She builds the painting layer upon layer, adding then taking away, inscribing into the paint or drawing on top of it, making marks with objects she has found and sometimes imbedding other materials collected on her travels.  Susan starts with a feeling or story in her mind; thinks of the color palette, which may express it and then lets the painting take over, working intuitively. She is most happy when in the end; you can see the history of the process, often like an old weathered wall or door, which is a journey unto itself.

Susan has had a solo show at the Galerie Ellipsis in Newport, Rhode Island, group shows at Alpers Fine Art in Andover, Massachusetts, Cassidy Bayou Art Gallery in Sumner, Mississippi and has been accepted into numerous juried shows at the Newport Art Museum, Wickford Art Association, Spring Bull Gallery, Jamestown Art Center, the Portsmouth Art Guild and the live auctions at several Newport Art Museum Wet Paint events.   She is delighted to be able to show her latest work at Clad In in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Here's a sampling in the exhibit:

Parisian Thoughts 24"X 24" Oil & Cold Wax on Wood Panel $900

Through the Looking Glass II 36" X 36" Oil & Cold Wax on Wood Panel $1900

House on Fire 24" X 36" Oil & Cold Wax on Wood Panel $1300

Field of Dreams Tryptic 72" X 48" Oil & Cold Wax on Wood Panel $5,200

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For More Information

See the solo exhibit at Clad in at 210 Wayland Ave at the corner of Angell St in Wayland Square, Providence RI

Meet Susan at the Clad in Reception, Saturday, August 11, 3:30 - 5:30

And visit her website