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Posted on December 23 2016


The Clad in boutique Outlet

What is it?

Clad in Boutique Outlet is unique. It is both an outlet for the manufactures of clothes, in this case direct from designers, AND an outlet for last seasons unsold pieces from boutiques.

It is NOT a typical outlet-store or factory-outlet, in which a retail store manufacturer sells their stock directly to the public;  or the newer mall-outlets that are typically manufacturer-branded stores grouped together in outlet malls in which merchandise is designed and manufactured cheaply.

All Clad in Boutique Outlet merchandise is originally designed and manufactured for high-end boutiques throughout the world.  So the merchandise is the same high quality as the merchandise in our stores.

What to expect:

Great prices and discounts on last years lines of clothes, samples, and other unique clothes that may have never gone into full production. Every Item is 50% to 75% off.

While our outlet rarely has full size runs of clothing or shoes, we offer a wide variety of selections.  Purchasing merchandise at a 50% - 75% discount can make clothing alterations affordable and worth the extra time to search for sizes.

Our Outlet is also a great place to try new designers without the risk of a full price investment.

Who is it for?

Those fashionistas that just want great clothes, but don't need to have the latest updated trend, or those that never thought they could afford designer clothing.

Looking for a designer in the Outlet?
The best way to view by designer in the Outlet site is from our:
and Jewelry Departments. 


From these pages you can filter by designer from the drop down menu. Select the designer you want and it will automatically filter only those items.