The Owner's Collection: In the Hands of an Artist

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Posted on December 23 2016

Wolf Kahn, Willem de Koonig, Mark Rothko... Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Zaha Hadid are just few of the famous names that grab and hold my attention. I find their styles bold, daring, soulful.... even breathtaking. My reaction to their work is emotional beginning with the visual which then resonates in my heart and gut. I am moved in the same way as when listening to Mozart or Brahms, Beethoven, or Mahler.

This is how it was the first time I met Ray Harris and saw his designs. It was ten years ago at The Atelier wholesale show in New York. I was thrilled by the shimmer and beauty of his pleated pieces... lush like confection and visually seductive. And when I discovered their comfort, I fell madly, truly, deeply, as they say, in love. I wanted Ray Harris hanging in my store and in my closet.

And so I began my collection. I'm pretty sure that it was the Coat 3 that was my first investment. It took me to several black tie events where I enjoyed the glamour it offered and the comfort I demand in anything I wear. It was not long before I added the all-important and ever-functional black Handkerchief skirt. Drama baby, drama. For high drama I paired it with the Coat 3 and a Ray scarf. For more everyday wear, I'd pull on my cowboy boots and throw on a blue jean jacket.

You can imagine my excitement when Ray designed his own collection of jean jackets. Couldn't wait to get my hands on one of his distressed, be-ribboned beauties to add to my collection!

Which brings me to why I am blogging about Ray. He is the one designer that holds a permanent place in my closet. While much of Ray's design collection can be ordered in 36 different colors any time, each season he offers limited edition items that you've got to get while the gettin's good. I am speaking from experience here when I tell you that I may not even know when or where I will wear these special offerings, but if they speak to me I am going to grab them knowing that eventually the occasion will present itself. Even if it is only to cheer me on a cloudy day. For when that day comes, I am the happiest girl around because I can pull those pieces from my closet and they just dance me out the door.

If you embrace the vision of Ray Harris as I have, everyday becomes a celebration. Trust me, you are in the hands of a true artist.


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