The Tradition of Kantha

Modern Retail

Posted on December 23 2016

Sanaih kantha

Sanaih pantha Sanaih

parvata langhanam.

Slowly one stitches rags,

Slowly one traverses the path

And slowly one climbs to the top of the mountain.

- Traditional Bengali Sloka

We are fortunate to have the work of New York-based designer Mieko Mintz at Clad in this fall. Her special jackets bring antiquity, color, and beauty into this shop. They are single layer reversible coats made from antique sari cloth from India. The saris are pieced together and hand quilt stitched to create Kantha cloth. Kantha cloth historically was a covering that brought prosperity, happiness and wish fulfillment to its wearer/recipient. One legend links Kantha to lord Buddha and his disciples. Mieko puts these together in the traditional manner using her collection of antique sari fabrics to form her remarkable reversible vests, jackets, and coats. They are each unique works of creation, painterly in their effect with color and pattern, interwoven with great sophistication. The coats have a unique and joyful appearance. Worn individually or combined with say the rich texture and subdued colors of designer Babette's skirts and tops or a Ray Harris dress, either way you have a truly wonderful outfit. 

-Lorie Sava, Store Manager, Clad in Shoes Stonington