Christa Louise

Triple Tone Scarf


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Have an emotional response to The Triple Tone Scarf by Christa Louise.  Created by using an all natural technique - soap, water, and hands, results in a scarf as unique as your fingerprints. One-of-a-kind. Plush, ultra-fine Merino wool is used to trim delicate Silk fabric, resulting in a soft, warm and luxurious scarf.  Can be worn as a shoulder wrap or scarf. Approximately 80" long x 16" wide. Vibrant three-tone colors that blend into one another, along with the intoxicating texture - is stunningly beautiful and highly addictive.  Delicately Hand Wash. ONE SIZE. Made in Mexico.

  • Size - OS
  • Silk, Ultra-fine Merino Wool
  • 80" long x 16" wide
  • Delicately Hand Wash
  • Made in Mexico
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