Global. Made in Italy and borderless. The Amici Collection by Baci, from Israeli-born and fashion designer, Batia Rutenberg, combines the timeless principles of impeccable Italian tailoring, to compliment the independent, authentic, and stylish woman. Her philosophy captures the female's strength, femininity, and individuality. The label can be summed up as "beauty, aesthetics, design, and hedonism - "La Dolce Vita." Quality soft, natural and raw materials, hand-crafted fabrics and mindful intention culminate in fluid lines with contemporary detailing for all ages.

Amici Double Sided Button Up Shirt
Amici Striped Crew Neck Tunic
Amici Button Up Shirt Dress
Amici Open Back Long Jacket
Amici 3/4 Sleeve Flyaway Dress
Amici In-Seam Pocket Corduroy Dress
Amici 3 Button Swing Jacket
Amici Corduroy Waist Pleated Overcoat