Designs by Sonia

DS – Designs by Sonia – Netherlands Designer, Vaneesha Advani uses recycled Italian leather, antique brass rings, wood, rare glass beads, linen and silk to create necklaces that are unique and easy to wear.  Design by Sonia’s philosophy is to enhance the beauty of today’s modern woman. The collection is true to her; it is modern, strong, simple, ageless, elegant and yet subdued.  The idea to design a jewelry collection was inspired by her passion for natural materials, recycle glass beads, aluminum, bronze, wood, leather and linen.  Being a clothing designer, Vaneesha uses materials like leather and linen to create her pieces. Every piece is handcrafted with attention to detail; the designs are innovative, minimalist and modern.  MATERIAL: 100% Italian leather, handmade rare glass beads, brass rings, wood, aluminum rings, hand-dyed silk strings.

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