Monies is a Danish jewelry company founded by Gerda and Nikolai Monies, trained goldsmiths who have worked in Denmark, Germany, England, Italy and the US. Over the past 40 years, they have created a style completely unique. Their jewelry is known for its elegance, avantgarde appeal and humour. Designed and produced at the beautiful workshop overlooking Copenhagen harbour,  the jewelry is often recognized by the use of exciting natural materials brought back to Denmark from all parts of the world.

Monies Molly Acacia Pendant
Monies Oda Acacia Bracelet
Monies Ebony Shell Pendant
Monies Mammoth 30,000 BC Necklace
Monies Molly Kamagong Pendant
Monies Nelly Pendant
Monies Nora Acacia Gold Pendant
Monies Louise Horn Necklace
Monies Necklace 1
Monies Leather and Wood Necklace
Monies Quartz & Musk-ox Horn Pendant Necklace
Monies Unique 1 Turquoise Disc Necklace
Monies Mountain Crystals II
Monies Tortoise Shell Shaped Necklace
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Monies Rebecca Acacia Earrings
Monies 5 Leather Bracelet Mix of Stone
Monies 4 Leather Bracelet Mix of Stone
Monies Leather Bracelet Mix of Stone
Monies Discs Bracelet
Monies Earrings Clear