Jianhui London

8 Strand Austrian Pashmina Necklace


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Wear the passion and joy of the creation with the 8 Strand Austrian Pashmina Necklace by Jianhui London. Hewn from sustainably sourced wood from the pristine forests of the Alpines, bathed in eco-friendly dyes and lovingly handcrafted, the piece drapes stylishly and looks gorgeous. Made of hundreds of 1/4" vibrantly colored lightweight wood, this tantalizing eye-candy necklace can be worn long and loose, or double it up as you would a “pashmina” scarf - the possibilities are endless. 54" all around. Vegan snap fastener with grosgrain ribbon. ONE SIZE. Made in Austria.

  • Size - OS
  • 8 strands each 54" around
  • Made of Ethically Sourced Wood
  • Made in Innsbruck, Austria
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