Val Fogg

Meet Val Fogg. Val brings a lot to the table with her deep knowledge base of fashion and style. As our Senior Manager, Buyer, and Merchandiser, Val is an accomplished apparel and handbag designer in her own right. Multi-talented, this petite dynamo graduated from The Parson School of Design. But the skills don't stop there - she's a Dressmaker, Tailor, and best of all - she's an expert body flaw hider. My kind of girl - yay!  A global traveler and beach worshipper, she knows how to have fun and loves, loves clothes for all stages of our lives. Did I mention she loves clothes? Okay, you get the point. A wellspring of creativity, you'll enjoy working with her - all divas adore Val.

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Val Fogg's 7 Picks for this season:

75% Off
Groa Hooded Jacket
75% Off
Anett Rostel Sleeveless Dress
75% Off
60% Off
SUZI ROHER Medallion Belt
60% Off
SUZI ROHER Bronze Leather Belt in Brushed Nickel 7235 - BRSHNCKL
60% Off
Monies Discs Bracelet
75% Off
NIGEL PRESTON Esmerelda Jacket