Our Story


What's in a name? Have you ever wondered about the story behind the name "Clad in"? Here's a clue... She was clad in beautiful clothing (shoes, jewelry, accessories). The story emphasizes that the garments are part of her essence.     


The outer adornments reflect your inner self, desires, creativity, and love. You radiate and glow. Clad in understands how unique you are. You're one of a kind. Passages throughout our lives are celebrated, shared, and sometimes... feared. But we are brave and move forward - still enjoying life, caring, and having fun.


Elizabeth Day Lawrence loves fashion, art, and music. Elizabeth is the maestro behind the Clad in brand, and the co-owner along with her husband, State. The harmony comes from her ability to hire passionate, talented stylists who share her dream. She curates a selection filled with only the highest quality American and international designers while ensuring there is a style for every figure and size. Most of all, though, she teaches us to enjoy it all while wearing it well and looking fantastic. That is her mantra.


Over 25 years of experience running her own boutique in Stamford, CT eventually led her and her family to the Stonington shoreline, where Clad in was born. Elizabeth knew that women remain relevant, no matter their stage of life or field of endeavor. She recognized that there was an underserved population of women, mainly from ages 40-70+, who had careers, were parents, grandmothers, and retirees, with all-size body shapes and colors and one thing in common: they adored clothes.


She answered the call knowing that women want to feel confident and proud. Our shoppers are a testament to the raves and compliments they receive when wearing that surprisingly unique dress, skirt, pant, or top. Elizabeth zoned in on small batches of hand-made artisan pieces, recognized and respected time-honored traditions of fabric weaving and dye techniques, and shoes cobbled by hand, along with jewelry and accessories. But she boldly faces the future and takes us along for the ride - no fear. New Hi-Tech fabrics, whimsical pieces, and apparel we can strut, sashay, and show off - we love it all.


Clad in has lived in many locations in the RI-CT area, with our current store residing in Westerly, RI. Elizabeth believes and knows that there is a commonality among the sisterhood. Our customers' taste runs the gamut - sometimes we want to look graceful, conservative, and even funky. Just remember - girls want to have fun. We welcome you to shop with us.

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